Open house on 23rd October 2015: a chance to experience Zi Creative divider partitions and fitted wall partitions.

At the open house on 23 October 2015, clients and designers were able to experience the successful philosophy of ZI Creative and admire our wall and fitted wall partitions in all their details up close; watch the video and you can “participate” too!

There are special moments when your enthusiasm for your work and the pleasure of hosting guests come together to create days when chatting in front of our glass wall partitions or enjoying a glass of delicious wine next to one of our fitted wall partitions for offices take on a very special meaning.

Last 23 October was one of those days! It was an occasion when once again the true protagonists were our partition walls, but also the people who have chosen us and who continue to give us their trust project after project, and those who haven’t chosen us yet and may do so soon, who could experience our reality and our products in person, meeting technical experts who could answer all of their questions and requests for information in a relaxed and hospitable atmosphere.

The wall office partitions by Zi Creative have responded and given life to many ideas and projects over the years; the open house gave professionals an opportunity to exchange ideas and find inspiration, while we had the amazing and invaluable chance to understand how we can continue to work together with and support our clients more effectively in the successful realization of their projects.

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