Interior partitions, solid and containment glass partitions designed and produced by Zi Creative.

Interior partitions using solid and containment glass walls designed and produced by Zi Creative are the protagonist of the Banco di Romano and Santa Caterina project; click here to find out more.

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Functional and design requirements of the worksite characterize the Banca project, where the interior partitions represent a fundamental feature.

For the Bassano Banca-Credito Cooperativo Group, the FGR – ZI Creative team managed the schedules and methods for the entire order, integrating their works with those of the worksite.

In this project composed of interior partitions with solid and containment glass walls, maximum focus was aimed at the development of the architectural solutions required by the Art Direction Department.

From the main office to branch offices in the immediate vicinity, impeccable organization made it possible to meet the challenge set forth by the client, also thanks to the important role played by the glass partitions.

Glass divider partitions by Zi Creative are the hallmark of the Coldline project.

Our glass divider partitions, accompanied by automatic and swinging sliding doors, were used in the Coldline project to provide maximum aesthetic and functional results.

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FGR and Zi Creative: a winning team that responded to the architectural project put forward by Coldline, where our glass divider partitions became the stars of the show.

The clean lines of the architectural project were expressed to their maximum with the integrated system composed of floor and ceiling divider partitions.

The concealed profiles and attention to visible surfaces highlight the minimalist character especially designed for this project.

From the custom equipping on the interior partitions with glass, to the sliding doors, both automatic and swinging, everything was designed to work in unison and obtain the maximum result.

The project was also completed with installation of all the exterior coverings.