FGR-Zi Creative, manufacturer of dividers and fitted wall partitions is now the sponsor of MotoGP.

FGR-ZI Creative: a winning team in the customization and production of glass partition walls, and also in the world of sports through sponsorship of the MotoGP Gresini Racing Team Moto3.

pareti-mobili-divisorie-in-vetro-mobili-ufficio-design-in-legno-vetrate-attrezzate-attrezzata-prezzi-padova-vicenza-treviso-veneto-grasini-moto-bacio22 February 2016: Gresini Racing Team Moto 3 and FGR-ZI Creative, the well-known company in Cittadella (Padua) specialized in divider partitions and fitted wall partitions for offices, are announcing a new collaborative agreement where they will be the protagonists together at MotoGP Moto 3.


Sponsor Team Gresini Motomondiale Moto 3

In fact, the brand F.G.R. will be an Official Sponsor of the team, and will be present with their logo on the hood of the two Honda NSF250RW motorcycles ridden by the young talented Italian riders Enea Bastianini and Fabio Di Giannantonio.

Founded by Giancarlo Fior and active on the market for more than 40 years in the industrialized building sector, F.G.R. is specialized in the development of technologies for the creation of exterior and interior architectural finishes, also establishing the division ZI Creative specializing in the production of interior partition walls and fitted wall partitions, office wall partitions systems in glass and wood…

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Wood divider partitions by Zi Creative have transformed the Unicredit bank branches.

To their mutual satisfaction, the winning collaboration between Zi Creative and Unicredit banking group continues with our wood divider partitions.

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Unicredit Bank and wood divider partitions by Zi Creative: this successful collaboration continues, aimed at making the branch offices of this important banking group more functional and welcoming.

With the presentation of these important projects, we have the pleasure of introducing the innovative DNAX WOOD interior partition.

The wood divider partitions were designed for the world of offices and are also ideal for use in the hospitality and retail sectors.

Light, shadows and transparency are combined with the characteristic warmth of wood.

The accessory details, including handles, curtains and light fixtures, provide extreme customization possibilities for the interior partitions system.

Detail is the first key to creating an innovative system that enhances the natural warmth of the materials and conceals the technology that makes the system possible.

Clean forms, but also expressive, are the answer to the requirements of a market that is ever more demanding, with sought after professionalism and excellence; these are the reasons why the Unicredit group chose wood divider partitions by Zi Creative in the renovation of their branch offices.